Despite price hike, residents not set to compromise on Iftar items

Rawalpindi   –  Though the inflation rate has raised the prices of every daily use food items to a large extent, the love for iftar items seems to be alive as a great rush of customers is being witnessed at special stalls set up in every nook and corner of the city.

Traditional iftar snacks like a vast variety of samosas, pakoras, kachories, dhai bhalay, channa chaat, jalebi, rolls are selling like hotcakes these days, and people are seen standing in queues to buy them.

A shopper at commercial market, Sidique Butt said that he and his family wait for the holy month to enjoy fasting and its delicacies in the form of spicy and crispy delights.

He said that while prices of these items do not allow me to use high-fat and costly items but my family is not set to compromise on iftar dastar-khawan items.

Kala Khan, a high blood pressure patient, admitted that doctors strictly ask the faithful to avoid oily and high-protein items, suggesting keeping their diet simple especially at the time of iftar. 

“But, I cannot stop my hand from these items after around 15-hour break,” he said. 

Billa Bhai, a shopkeeper at Kartarpura food street, said although prices of iftar items were very high compared to previous years, our sale has not affected due to our name and specialty in making quality fried items including kachories, pakoras, samosas and rolls.

Declaring the holy month of Ramazan their ‘season,’ he told APP that they earn sufficient amount in 30 days, which is an important factor of maintaining a good average throughout the year.

Meanwhile, District Health Officer Dr Jawad advised the faithful to avoid spicy, oily and high-fat items at iftar to avoid stomach ache and intestines related disorder, suggesting using dates, fresh juices, fruit and a simple diet to avoid complications in Ramazan. He also asked the residents to avoid visiting crowded places due to 3rd wave of coronavirus.


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