Family says BDS student Nimrita murdered, demands investigation

Police said on Tuesday they would register an FIR of the death of Nimrita Amarta, a BDS final-year student at Bibi Aseefa Dental College, in her hostel room once they receive her post-mortem report.

SSP Masood Bangash told the media that CCTV footage of the hostel had been obtained and its male staffers made part of a probe into the girl’s death.

Besides, he said the deceased’s cell phone was also being decoded to obtain its data.

Bangash stated in clear terms that the Hindu girl’s death has nothing to do with the Ghotki incident which saw temples being vandalized by a mob over blasphemy allegations against a Hindu teacher.

Meanwhile, doctors at the Chandka Hospital have not yet issued an initial report of her autopsy despite the fact that her post-mortem was conducted last night.

Earlier today, the brother of the deceased female medical student expressed suspicion of the ‘murder’ of her sister at the Chandka Medical College after rejecting the claims of her suicide.

Dr Vishaal, the brother of the Nimrata who was found dead in hostel room, declared the incident ‘a murder’ and announced to undergo a post-mortem of her sister.

In his statement to the media, Vishaal said that the family has sought permission from the local administration for conducting a post-mortem of his sister from a private hospital and bearing all of the expenses.

“Larkana administration is asking us for some committee,” he revealed.

“My sister’s dead body was recovered at 2:00 am [Tuesday late night] while she was distributing sweets at around 12:30 am. Can somebody tell me what was happened within 1.5 hours? It is not the case of harassment as it usually leads to committing suicide.”

“I had also recorded the evidence from my camera and I think it is a murder,” he expressed suspicions.

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