Pakistan calls for global effort to break nexus b/w terrorism, organized crime

Pakistan says effective border controls are a “prerequisite” to clamping down on the twin threats of transnational organized crime and terrorism.

Speaking in a debate on threats to international peace and security at UN Security Council, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said only through collective regional and international efforts could the world community choke off the various sources that support terrorist outfits through organized crime.

She said Pakistan will continue to play its role to sever the vicious link between terrorism and organized crime in the region.

Maleeha Lodhi said the crime-terrorist nexus varies across different contexts, with several common areas of confluence, including financing tools, recruiting vulnerable youth and operating in areas outside government control.

She said being one of the principal victims of terrorism, Pakistan’s resolve to eliminate this scourge is clear and unwavering.

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