SCCI resents issuance of property tax notices with excessive rates

PESHAWAR    –    The Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has slammed the issuance of property tax notices to business community with excessive rates by provincial Excise and Taxation department and termed it as anti-business and against the interest of traders’ community. The reservations were conveyed by a group of traders in a meeting with the SCCI president Maqsood Anwar here at the chambers house on Friday. He said the move will create mistrust between government and traders, which may also create difficulties to provincial government, to increase its revenue-base. The chamber president said that the traders had protested the imposition of excessive new taxes. Whereas, he added the provincial Excise and Taxation department had issued notices to business community regarding property taxes with exorbitant rates.  He alleged the business community is being harassed through various tactics by the officials of various government departments to enhance revenue-base in the province, which was tantamount to create a gulf between the government and traders, and demanded to take stern legal action against the issuance of property tax notices to businessmen, he urged.

The SCCI president further said that provincial Excise department didn’t take the chamber and relevant stakeholders before artificial and unilateral increase in rates of property taxes, which is completely unjust with business community and was unacceptable to them. He also said the government move will make difficulties to meet the revenue-collection target. Mr Maqsood called upon the government to take measures to bring new people under the tax net instead of overburden the existing taxpayers with imposition of additional levies on them.

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